The Ultimate EMT Guide to Vital Signs

Part 2: The Blood Pressure I love teaching each new EMT class cycle how to take a blood pressure. It's fairly simple and strait-forward, but there's also a real art to it. Folks who are good at it … [Read more...]

The Ultimate EMT Guide to Vital Signs

Part 1: The Pulse There are few things that EMT's should claim as their domain. There are certain skills that the EMT provider should simple dominate. Vital signs are one such skill. No medical … [Read more...]

The Art of The Pulse Check

   Fast or Slow, Strong or Weak, Regular or Irregular I'd like to teach you how to take a pulse in three seconds or less. Yes it's possible. I am, quite possibly, about to contradict everything … [Read more...]

How To Make Sure Your Hand-off Reoprt Gets Heard

       "But ... It Was In My Hand-off Report" Every EMS responder who delivers patients to the emergency room has experienced the frustration of feeling like the ED staff didn't really get the whole … [Read more...]

Lesson From The Street: Skin Doesn’t Lie

I hope you're sitting down for this. I trust that a good number of my readers do indeed sit while surfing the internet so I'm just going to tell you this strait up. Sometimes ... patients lie. They … [Read more...]