Remember Two Things: Sepsis

My latest Remember Two Things video is up over at EMS1. At EMS World last year I gave a 90 minute presentation about sepsis for EMS providers. This video answers the most essential question from that … [Read more...]

Patients Define Their Emergencies (Part 2)

True Story... The dispatch information was updated before we had even rolled our rig out onto the pad. Eye injury, no serious symptoms. Jodie shut down the lights and I informed dispatch that we'd be … [Read more...]

Responding to Hypothermia

Part 2 of a 2 part series. (Part one is here.) In our last post we looked at some of the causes of hypothermia, both typical and atypical. Then we talked a bit about the recognition of the … [Read more...]

Wrong Medicine

Some of the stacks of trip reports were nearing four feet high and they filled the musty closet. Dividing them up, we started sorting through them in earnest. The dates indicated that the calls had … [Read more...]

What Is GHB Anyway?

Let's face it, there are a whole bunch of street drugs out there that we as EMS caregivers should understand. While we can't always be expected to identify the exact drug a patient has ingested. We do … [Read more...]

Treatment of Head Injury

Part three of a three part series In our last two installments we looked at the way heads get injured and the various ways the brain tends to bleed. In this, our last installment in the head injury … [Read more...]

EMS Response To Sexual Assault

A Guest Post By: Jimmy Futrelle The EMT Spot would like to welcome Jimmy Futrelle to our guest post roster. Jimmy s a Paramedic hailing from Scurry County Texas. Jimmy has been responding on calls … [Read more...]

The EMT Guide To Swine Flu

By now, you've most likely heard the reports of a possible swine flu pandemic and maybe you've even fielded a few questions from concerned friends and neighbors. As always, The EMT Spot aims to keep … [Read more...]

Understanding Combative Head Injuries

Big biker dude strained against the double layers on tape across his forehead and it occurred to me that the act of c-spine seemed pointless if the patient insisted on fighting violently against the … [Read more...]