Understanding Kinetic Energy and Trauma

With every trauma call we run, there are two things that are almost absolute certainties. And I don't mean that in the tongue-in-cheek sense, like, "We are certain that the elderly fall victim will … [Read more...]

Mastering The Head-To-Toe Assessment

You probably practiced your head-to-toe assessment a bunch in your EMT class. Maybe more than any other skill in the EMT curriculum. If your class was or is anything like mine (as a student or a … [Read more...]

How To Make Sure Your Hand-off Reoprt Gets Heard

       "But ... It Was In My Hand-off Report" Every EMS responder who delivers patients to the emergency room has experienced the frustration of feeling like the ED staff didn't really get the whole … [Read more...]

Learning DCAPBTLS (A word of advice)

I first heard the BCAPBTLS acronym sometime around 1998 while helping a group of EMT's practice their skills. I hadn't been involved in EMT education for several years and I had missed the whole … [Read more...]

Understanding Combative Head Injuries

Big biker dude strained against the double layers on tape across his forehead and it occurred to me that the act of c-spine seemed pointless if the patient insisted on fighting violently against the … [Read more...]

5 Big Trauma Scene Mistakes You Can Avoid

We all have our good calls and our bad calls. Don't we? Sometimes things just flow. Sometimes the patient, the bystanders, the crew members, everyone just clicks. And it's beautiful. It's like that … [Read more...]