You Bet Your Life

What would you bet your life on? In 1996 I took a job about 40 minutes south of San Jose, California with a small mom-and-pop ambulance company. The service was named after the owner and had been … [Read more...]

Too Much Information

It's the week before the final exam and my EMT class is feeling the pressure. The two-hundred question final looms large on the horizon and, in less than a week, the students will need to perform five … [Read more...]

Behind Every Great EMT…

Call it a curiosity. I wanted to know how the EMT Spot readers would finish the sentence, "Behind every great EMT..." So I asked. I asked on twitter. I asked on Facebook. I even asked right here at … [Read more...]

The E-Book is Coming!

OK, I can't keep this to myself any longer. It's time for the big announcement. With the final draft still in the mail from my editorial team and the final design still lacking a few details, it would … [Read more...]

Staked Down With a Twig

Circus elephants present a containment problem. It's hard to keep a big elephant cage around wherever you go. So when baby circus elephants are trained, they are staked down to a pole with a chain. … [Read more...]

Ten Things You Can’t Learn About EMS

                                        From Your Computer        As you might imagine, I'm a big fan of E-learning. I also have a soft spot for the social media craze. But there are still a … [Read more...]

What Makes A Good EMT?

I get a bunch of E-mails from people just starting their EMT education who want advice on how to excel in their programs. "How should I prepare? What books do you recommend?" The questions vary but … [Read more...]

The Normalization of Deviance

In the span of a generation, NASA has lost two spacecraft and 14 pilots in the collective disasters of the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia. Can you tell me why? Trust me, it's worth … [Read more...]

Be Remakable

I'm going to ask you to try something out for me. And then come back and tell me what you did and how it went. I want you to go to your next shift with this idea: Be Remarkable That's it. What … [Read more...]

Six Techniques To Nail The IV Every Time

Did you get the IV? Sometimes it seems like your performance on the whole call can be reduced to the success or failure of the IV start. Rarely does the successful treatment of the patient hinge on a … [Read more...]