Are You Accidentally Inducing Hypothermia?

Any kid who has ever drank a Slurpee too fast on a warm day, and found themselves shivering and chilled, knows that cold fluids can be remarkably effective at cooling the human body. I had this lesson … [Read more...]

The Protocol / Skill Breakthrough

Once you understand the protocol / skill connection you might come to see a host of problems with the way we develop, use and teach our protocols. I'd like to tell you about two biggies. As we … [Read more...]

The Protocol / Skill Connection

Part one of a two part series. (Part two is here.) If you've ever grown plants in pots you know that selecting the right size pot for the plant is essential. Put a plant in a pot that's too large for … [Read more...]

The Ultimate EMT Guide to Vital Signs

Part 1: The Pulse There are few things that EMT's should claim as their domain. There are certain skills that the EMT provider should simple dominate. Vital signs are one such skill. No medical … [Read more...]

CPR Right Now

I helped teach CPR to our latest EMT class this past week. This class is always a good reminder of how fast emergency medicine changes. Here in their first week, the new students are beginning to … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Be a Better EMT

Sure, this site isall about being a better EMT, but perhaps you've asked yourself, "Why?" OK, granted, it was probably one of your more cynical moments. Perhaps you had a bad day, a couple of … [Read more...]

The C-Spine Immobilization Controversy

C-spine immobilization is not a benign procedure. It's not something that's always worth doing "just in case." It's not risk free, comfortable or even practical. And, now, recent research from the … [Read more...]

What Makes A Good EMT?

I get a bunch of E-mails from people just starting their EMT education who want advice on how to excel in their programs. "How should I prepare? What books do you recommend?" The questions vary but … [Read more...]

How To Make Sure Your Hand-off Reoprt Gets Heard

       "But ... It Was In My Hand-off Report" Every EMS responder who delivers patients to the emergency room has experienced the frustration of feeling like the ED staff didn't really get the whole … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Pockets?

If I may start with a sweeping generalization, we EMS folk maintain an odd and somewhat dysfunctional relationship with our gear. We love our gear, but we hate it. We chastise others for carrying to … [Read more...]