The Protocol / Skill Breakthrough

Once you understand the protocol / skill connection you might come to see a host of problems with the way we develop, use and teach our protocols. I'd like to tell you about two biggies. As we … [Read more...]

The Protocol / Skill Connection

Part one of a two part series. (Part two is here.) If you've ever grown plants in pots you know that selecting the right size pot for the plant is essential. Put a plant in a pot that's too large for … [Read more...]

The Ultimate EMT Guide to Vital Signs

Part 2: The Blood Pressure I love teaching each new EMT class cycle how to take a blood pressure. It's fairly simple and strait-forward, but there's also a real art to it. Folks who are good at it … [Read more...]

Assessment and Scope of Practice

It's never comfortable to be placed under a microscope. Especially when the dude looking through the microscope is The Rogue Medic, Tim Noonan. Tim's a great dude, but he's not the guy you want … [Read more...]

The Illussion of Control

Part two of a two part series on scene presence. Part one is here. While we're talking about scene presence, I think it's important to bring this one up. I've hesitated to talk about the illusion of … [Read more...]

The Art of The Pulse Check

   Fast or Slow, Strong or Weak, Regular or Irregular I'd like to teach you how to take a pulse in three seconds or less. Yes it's possible. I am, quite possibly, about to contradict everything … [Read more...]

Test For Unconsciousness: The Sternal Rub

Ahhh the embattled sternal rub. Revered, reviled ... the sternal rub is the Ann Coulter of medical interventions. Abrasive, annoying, loved by many, hated by many more. The subject of the usefulness … [Read more...]

What Makes A Good EMT?

I get a bunch of E-mails from people just starting their EMT education who want advice on how to excel in their programs. "How should I prepare? What books do you recommend?" The questions vary but … [Read more...]

5 Things My Kids Taught Me About EMS

I'm blessed with two kids. They are amazing. My kids changed my whole perspective on the world. They re-framed my purpose. It's wonderful, the way a few minutes with your kids can put an entire bad … [Read more...]

Understanding OPQRST

After my post/rant about the overuse and misuse of the DCAP BTLS TIC acronym in EMS education, I was asked the question, " Well, are there any acronyms that you do find useful?" And the answer is … [Read more...]