Understanding Kinetic Energy and Trauma

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With every trauma call we run, there are two things that are almost absolute certainties. And I don't mean that in the tongue-in-cheek sense, like, "We are┬ácertain that the elderly fall victim will … [Read more...]

Coping With Victims Emotions

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Today we have a guest post from Sally Davison. Sally is one of the masterminds behind the website FireScienceDegree.com. If you're looking for a degree in fire science, Sally's site offers what just … [Read more...]

8 Tragic EMS Behavior Flaws to Avoid

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In Greek tragedies, the hero typically displays some form of hamarita, also known as a "tragic flaw." Hamlet was brooding, Othello was jealous, Macbeth was ambitious. For the most part, it is their … [Read more...]

Where Do You Put The Fear?

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I once thought that part of the goal of being a competent paramedic was getting to the point where I no longer felt any fear or anxiety about running calls. After all, most of the folks I worked with … [Read more...]

The Illussion of Control

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Part two of a two part series on scene presence. Part one is here. While we're talking about scene presence, I think it's important to bring this one up. I've hesitated to talk about the illusion of … [Read more...]

“It’s Not My Emergency”

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Part one of a two part series on scene presence. Part two is here. A regular reader of The EMT Spot asked a great question recently. (Thanks Timothy.) "How do I keep my cool and not loose my head in … [Read more...]

The Ultimate EMS Protocol


I don't handle the card much anymore. It stays inside a plastic sleeve in my planner. The edges are worn and the words are faded. It wasn't printed on kind of paper that travels well in a wallet for … [Read more...]

5 Big Trauma Scene Mistakes You Can Avoid


We all have our good calls and our bad calls. Don't we? Sometimes things just flow. Sometimes the patient, the bystanders, the crew members, everyone just clicks. And it's beautiful. It's like that … [Read more...]