What Are K2 and Spice Anyway?

Chances are, you've probably heard about the new trend in synthetic cannabis products either from your local news media or from your ongoing EMS education. Over the past few years, these products have … [Read more...]

What Is Muscular Dystrophy Anyway?

Since we've been talking about the fill the boot campaign the annual MDA telethon, why not use our "what is" series to take a closer look at the group of diseases we commonly refer to as muscular … [Read more...]

Test For Unconsciousness: The Hand Drop

After I wrote a recent article on the benefits of the face flickĀ for assessing level of consciousness, I received a string of questions and commentary on the effectiveness of another, more well known … [Read more...]

EMS Response To Sexual Assault

A Guest Post By: Jimmy Futrelle The EMT Spot would like to welcome Jimmy Futrelle to our guest post roster. Jimmy s a Paramedic hailing from Scurry County Texas. Jimmy has been responding on calls … [Read more...]