Coping With Victims Emotions

Today we have a guest post from Sally Davison. Sally is one of the masterminds behind the website If you're looking for a degree in fire science, Sally's site offers what just … [Read more...]

The Ultimate EMS Protocol

I don't handle the card much anymore. It stays inside a plastic sleeve in my planner. The edges are worn and the words are faded. It wasn't printed on kind of paper that travels well in a wallet for … [Read more...]

You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have

Imagine we were walking down the beach together on a sunny day and I suddenly looked at you and said, "Would you like an apple?" If you were hungry, your initial reaction might be, "Yes, I'd love … [Read more...]

Patients Don’t Buy Backboards

I have a Labrador named Eddie (pictured below). He eats only Eukanuba dog food. That's because we buy it for┬áhim. If we bought him a different brand, I'm sure he would eat that as well. He might need … [Read more...]


Sure you communicate with your patient, but do you make connections? The difference may sound like semantics ... but it's not. The difference is extraordinary. Do you remember James Burke? He was the … [Read more...]