Patients Define Their Emergencies (Part 2)

True Story... The dispatch information was updated before we had even rolled our rig out onto the pad. Eye injury, no serious symptoms. Jodie shut down the lights and I informed dispatch that we'd be … [Read more...]

The EMT Liability Pop Quiz

There really is a dizzying array of stuff we can do to get ourselves in legal hot water in EMS. I was considering a few this afternoon and I got this idea. Let's play a game. I'll give you a whole … [Read more...]

What Is The Good Samaritan Law?

The term "Good Samaritan" comes from the gospel of Luke. In the parable told by Christ, a Samaritan helped a Jew who had been beaten and robbed. At the time, the Samaritans and Jews were mortal … [Read more...]

EMT Charged With Patient Abandonment

                          ... It could happen to you That's what EMT Paul Casson of the Bronx is learning. On New Years Eve, Paul was waiting to drop off a five year old child at Lincoln Hospital. … [Read more...]