Atypical Cardiac Chest Pain

We taught you what cardiac chest pain looked like, right? You remember. We painted the perfect picture for you in your cardiac emergencies lecture in your EMT class. The pain felt like a pressure. … [Read more...]

Understanding OPQRST

After my post/rant about the overuse and misuse of the DCAP BTLS TIC acronym in EMS education, I was asked the question, " Well, are there any acronyms that you do find useful?" And the answer is … [Read more...]

Beyond The 1-10 Pain Scale

How bad does it hurt? I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that this is, quite possibly, the most common question we ask in EMS. And it can be a difficult question to answer. How bad compared to … [Read more...]

Describing Pain

Take a moment to increase your pain vocabulary It's been said that the Inuit have over a hundred words to describe snow. Linguists use the number to explain something significant about how we see the … [Read more...]