You Bet Your Life

What would you bet your life on? In 1996 I took a job about 40 minutes south of San Jose, California with a small mom-and-pop ambulance company. The service was named after the owner and had been … [Read more...]

“It’s Not My Emergency”

Part one of a two part series on scene presence. Part two is here. A regular reader of The EMT Spot asked a great question recently. (Thanks Timothy.) "How do I keep my cool and not loose my head in … [Read more...]

The E-Book is Coming!

OK, I can't keep this to myself any longer. It's time for the big announcement. With the final draft still in the mail from my editorial team and the final design still lacking a few details, it would … [Read more...]

I Spy

Sometimes it's all just a matter of what you focus on. My children like to play a game called "I Spy" while we're driving around in the car. You probably remember the game as well. One person selects … [Read more...]

Get to Vs. Have to

Between my blog, Twitter and my EMT class, I have the opportunity to talk to a lot of new EMTs and EMT students. It's fun to take part in the early energy of learning emergency services. Working with … [Read more...]

Who’s Going To Let Me?

      ... Who's Going To Stop Me? I should have expected it. It was to be expected. After two recent posts suggesting people take some drastic actions, I'm responding to a wave of, "but we just … [Read more...]

Stop Whining

Yes, I'm talking about you. We are talking about you being more satisfied with your work right? We're talking about you being better at what you do and accomplishing more and getting more of the … [Read more...]

What Makes A Great Partner?

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a shift a good shift. Each of us carries our own magic recipe. Perhaps a little trauma with a dash of cardiac thrown in. Add a choice rig from the fleet and a … [Read more...]

The Greatest Generation

A Guest Post By: Matthew Bergland Matthew is a street paramedic from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I first met Matt well over a decade ago when he was an EMT for Pridemark Paramedic Services. Today he … [Read more...]

Patients Define Their Emergencies

What if I told you that you could adopt one simple, yet powerful belief that would improve your happiness at work immediately and forever? What if I could tell you one simple truth and, if you were … [Read more...]