The C-Spine / Helmet Issue

The good news in the world of head trauma and brain injury is that we're seeing a lot more folks putting on helmets before they go out and do potentially dangerous, head crushing stuff. The good/bad … [Read more...]

Treatment of Head Injury

Part three of a three part series In our last two installments we looked at the way heads get injured and the various ways the brain tends to bleed. In this, our last installment in the head injury … [Read more...]

Types of Brain Hemorrhage

Part two of a three part series In our last post (part one) we introduced the subject of head injuries with an overview of trauma patterns typically found in head injury patients. Today let's talk … [Read more...]

Responding to Head Injuries

Part one of a three part series. It seems that after the tragic deaths of both Natasha Richardson and Billy Mays, head injuries have been getting a lot of play time in the media. Richardson died of … [Read more...]

Understanding Combative Head Injuries

Big biker dude strained against the double layers on tape across his forehead and it occurred to me that the act of c-spine seemed pointless if the patient insisted on fighting violently against the … [Read more...]