The Protocol / Skill Breakthrough

Once you understand the protocol / skill connection you might come to see a host of problems with the way we develop, use and teach our protocols. I'd like to tell you about two biggies. As we … [Read more...]

The Ultimate EMT Guide to Vital Signs

Part 2: The Blood Pressure I love teaching each new EMT class cycle how to take a blood pressure. It's fairly simple and strait-forward, but there's also a real art to it. Folks who are good at it … [Read more...]

Assessment and Scope of Practice

It's never comfortable to be placed under a microscope. Especially when the dude looking through the microscope is The Rogue Medic, Tim Noonan. Tim's a great dude, but he's┬ánot the guy you want … [Read more...]

The C-Spine / Helmet Issue

The good news in the world of head trauma and brain injury is that we're seeing a lot more folks putting on helmets before they go out and do potentially dangerous, head crushing stuff. The good/bad … [Read more...]

“It’s Not My Emergency”

Part one of a two part series on scene presence. Part two is here. A regular reader of The EMT Spot asked a great question recently. (Thanks Timothy.) "How do I keep my cool and not loose my head in … [Read more...]

Mastering The Head-To-Toe Assessment

You probably practiced your head-to-toe assessment a bunch in your EMT class. Maybe more than any other skill in the EMT curriculum. If your class was or is anything like mine (as a student or a … [Read more...]