Medicine Between The Frames

One of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin, recently introduced me to the work of Scott McCloud, an author who's written several classic books on understanding comic books. Scott dissects the comic … [Read more...]

Hard Questions About EMT Life

                            .... Answered I asked for the questions and I got them, in spades. I put the challenge out there; What's the hardest question you're willing to ask about the life and job … [Read more...]

What Makes A Good EMT (Part 2)

Still struggling with the good EMT thing. I'm glad to be at your service. Grab a pen and answer these questions for yourself. What's your internal bias toward dealing with patients and their … [Read more...]

Four Questions to Help You Succeed In EMT Class

I was searching around on Twitter today for tweets using the acronym "EMT". I was struck by how many EMT students were discussing their current trials and tribulations with EMT class on twitter. EMT … [Read more...]