The C-Spine / Helmet Issue

The good news in the world of head trauma and brain injury is that we're seeing a lot more folks putting on helmets before they go out and do potentially dangerous, head crushing stuff. The good/bad … [Read more...]

Medicine Between The Frames

One of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin, recently introduced me to the work of Scott McCloud, an author who's written several classic books on understanding comic books. Scott dissects the comic … [Read more...]

The Art of The Pulse Check

   Fast or Slow, Strong or Weak, Regular or Irregular I'd like to teach you how to take a pulse in three seconds or less. Yes it's possible. I am, quite possibly, about to contradict everything … [Read more...]

Test For Unconsciousness: The Sternal Rub

Ahhh the embattled sternal rub. Revered, reviled ... the sternal rub is the Ann Coulter of medical interventions. Abrasive, annoying, loved by many, hated by many more. The subject of the usefulness … [Read more...]

Atypical Cardiac Chest Pain

We taught you what cardiac chest pain looked like, right? You remember. We painted the perfect picture for you in your cardiac emergencies lecture in your EMT class. The pain felt like a pressure. … [Read more...]

Seven Flawless Physical Restraint Tips

Physical restraint techniques and procedures are a subject of debate and controversy in EMS. Few agencies have taken the time and energy to research and develop a comprehensive restraint guideline for … [Read more...]

Understanding OPQRST

After my post/rant about the overuse and misuse of the DCAP BTLS TIC acronym in EMS education, I was asked the question, " Well, are there any acronyms that you do find useful?" And the answer is … [Read more...]

Test For Unconsciousness: The Hand Drop

After I wrote a recent article on the benefits of the face flick for assessing level of consciousness, I received a string of questions and commentary on the effectiveness of another, more well known … [Read more...]

Test For Unconsciousness: The Face Flick

Sometimes, when we get on that outer boundary of established medical practices we start running in to controversy. As an author, and a bit of a non-conformist, I love controversy. One area that falls … [Read more...]

What Is Nystagmus?

When we think of testing for nystagmus, medical personnel and lay people alike, we tend to think of the horizontal gaze nystagmus test performed by police officers as part of … [Read more...]