Patients Define Their Emergencies (Part 2)

True Story... The dispatch information was updated before we had even rolled our rig out onto the pad. Eye injury, no serious symptoms. Jodie shut down the lights and I informed dispatch that we'd be … [Read more...]

“It’s Not My Emergency”

Part one of a two part series on scene presence. Part two is here. A regular reader of The EMT Spot asked a great question recently. (Thanks Timothy.) "How do I keep my cool and not loose my head in … [Read more...]

Mastering The Head-To-Toe Assessment

You probably practiced your head-to-toe assessment a bunch in your EMT class. Maybe more than any other skill in the EMT curriculum. If your class was or is anything like mine (as a student or a … [Read more...]

The Art of The Nasopharyngeal Airway

I would surely rank the nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) as one of the most under-rated / under-utilized pieces of equipment in the EMT bag of tricks. They're useful, simple and versatile. As a group, we … [Read more...]

A Man of Honor

What we cannot calculate or measure is the number of lives Jim affected.                                                                                  -Gary Ludwig Five years ago tomorrow, … [Read more...]

Just Call 911 – A Novel Idea

Now here's a novel idea. I wish I was being sarcastic but I'm not. Personally I think someone should have tried this a long time ago. In Minnesota, the local dispatch center ha decided to tell people … [Read more...]