What Are K2 and Spice Anyway?

Chances are, you've probably heard about the new trend in synthetic cannabis products either from your local news media or from your ongoing EMS education. Over the past few years, these products have … [Read more...]

Tulsa EMS In The Classrooms

Most of us have been there before. A puking, nearly unconscious teenager on our pram. All the predictable problems; airway issues, responsiveness issues, behavioral issues. When kids learn the hard … [Read more...]

What Is GHB Anyway?

Let's face it, there are a whole bunch of street drugs out there that we as EMS caregivers should understand. While we can't always be expected to identify the exact drug a patient has ingested. We do … [Read more...]

What Is Epinephrine?

A quick inside tip on field instructors; we all have our favorite questions to ask new riders. Those questions that help us get a more firm understanding of where our students knowledge base rests. … [Read more...]