Objectivity and Patient Care

A Guest Post by Sean Fontaine I love posting articles controversial enough to warrant a disclaimer. Today I have the pleasure of bringing you another post by guest author Sean Fontaine. Sean is a … [Read more...]

Chest Pain: Is EMS Really Best?

Short answer: Yes. Score one for EMS. A study published last January in the American Heart Journal evaluated transport and treatment times of patients who called 911 for their chest pain and patients … [Read more...]

What Is Muscular Dystrophy Anyway?

Since we've been talking about the fill the boot campaign the annual MDA telethon, why not use our "what is" series to take a closer look at the group of diseases we commonly refer to as muscular … [Read more...]

Seven Flawless Physical Restraint Tips

Physical restraint techniques and procedures are a subject of debate and controversy in EMS. Few agencies have taken the time and energy to research and develop a comprehensive restraint guideline for … [Read more...]

EMS Response To Sexual Assault

A Guest Post By: Jimmy Futrelle The EMT Spot would like to welcome Jimmy Futrelle to our guest post roster. Jimmy s a Paramedic hailing from Scurry County Texas. Jimmy has been responding on calls … [Read more...]