The C-Spine / Helmet Issue

The good news in the world of head trauma and brain injury is that we're seeing a lot more folks putting on helmets before they go out and do potentially dangerous, head crushing stuff. The good/bad … [Read more...]

The C-Spine Immobilization Controversy

C-spine immobilization is not a benign procedure. It's not something that's always worth doing "just in case." It's not risk free, comfortable or even practical. And, now, recent research from the … [Read more...]

Patients Don’t Buy Backboards

I have a Labrador named Eddie (pictured below). He eats only Eukanuba dog food. That's because we buy it for┬áhim. If we bought him a different brand, I'm sure he would eat that as well. He might need … [Read more...]

5 Big Trauma Scene Mistakes You Can Avoid

We all have our good calls and our bad calls. Don't we? Sometimes things just flow. Sometimes the patient, the bystanders, the crew members, everyone just clicks. And it's beautiful. It's like that … [Read more...]