FDNY Commissioners Son Quits After Racist Tweets

The fire commissioner’s son quit the Emergency Medical Service Monday after he was accused of accused of sending racist and offensive tweets. Joseph Cassano, 23, son of FDNY head Salvatore Cassano, … [Read more...]

Medtronic Save-A-Life Simulator Scores

As frequent readers are aware, sometimes when I encounter a public service announcement or online training tool that is so clever that it amazes me, I feel compelled to pass it on. This month is … [Read more...]

What Should I do? Looking For Medical Advice on The Internet

Emma is deeply concerned about her recent diagnosis. Apparently some sort of cerebral hemorrhage. "Just last month I was diagnosed with a bleeding brain." She reports in a recent comment here on this … [Read more...]

“But…I Can’t Afford An Ambulance!”

If you've worked in the medical transport business for any length of time, you've undoubtedly heard a patient express their concern about the very real expense of medical transport. It's an awkward … [Read more...]

When Should You Turn On Your Lights and Use Your Siren?

Instead of offering up a teaching tidbit, I'd like to take this post in another direction. I'll offer up a story and you can tell me if I did the right thing or not. This story is true. I'll tell it … [Read more...]

On Making A Difference

"Let me light my lamp." says the star, "And never debate if it will help to remove the darkness." - Rabindranath Tagore, Indian poet and playwright … [Read more...]

Under Construction

Hey ya'll. Do things look a little funny? Sorry. I'm redesigning the site and what you are looking at is some version of the future EMT Spot. Come back soon and see how it … [Read more...]

Introducing the NAEMT

If you are an EMT of any rank or variety, I'd like to introduce you to a friend that you may not know about. For your entire career in EMS, you've had a friend who has tirelessly advocated for your … [Read more...]

Great New Hands Only CPR Video

I have to give credit where credit is due. The British Heart Foundation recently released a public service announcement video staring tough-guy actor Vinnie Jones. (See Lock, Stock and Two Smoking … [Read more...]

New EMT National Registry Phone App

Here's some good news for EMT's studying for the National Registry exam. The development team at The EMT Advantage has partnered with the phone app design folks over at Code3Apps and put together a … [Read more...]