Paramedics Demand Lawsuit Protection

A firefighter and paramedic advocacy group hopes to revive the "public duty rule" that protects first responders from getting sued by people they try to help. [Read the Whole Story Here] … [Read more...]

Two Detroit Medics Seriously Injured in Stabbing

Two Detroit paramedics were seriously injured Tuesday morning when a male assailant, described as "agitated," repeatedly slashed and stabbed their faces and hands with a sharp object. [Read the whole … [Read more...]

Paramedic Charged with DWI After Ambulance Accident

An off-duty paramedic has been charged with drunk driving after authorities say he moved an ambulance during an incident, hitting a parked vehicle. [Read the Whole Story Here] … [Read more...]

How Can Aladtec Software Save Time and Money?

Working as a supervisor was a ton of fun and also a ton of work. We decided to partner with Aladtec as our primary sponsor because I know personally that employee schedule management can be the single … [Read more...]

Try Being Brave

"Just for a second...just, try being brave."      - Despereaux James is working at a fire station where one of the volunteer officers often shows up for calls intoxicated. Sometimes he drives the … [Read more...]

I Need Your Questions and Scenarios

Would you be willing to help me with my new web series? Later this month I will be filming a web series for EMS1 entitled, "What would you do?" I'd like challenging, real world situations drawn … [Read more...]

Treatment vs Care

It's important to distinguish between good treatment and good care. Doing a proper patient assessment is good treatment. Telling the patient what you are doing before you do it is good … [Read more...]

Florida EMS Aquires New MCI Vehicle

EAST NAPLES, Fla. — Just in case some large-scale disaster were to occur with mass casualties, Collier County wants to be prepared. County commissioners recently gave the county's Department of … [Read more...]

ACLS Training Center Offers Learning Resources and Certification

As an EMS educator who has been posting educational material online for over four years now, I'm always encouraged to see EMS training institutions moving their content online. I'd like to make you … [Read more...]

The Brilliance of EMS Workforce Management Software

Your attention is valuable. I appreciate every minute you spend here reading this blog. Every time I press the publish button on a new post I consider that one important fact. Your time is precious … [Read more...]