Sorting Out Our EMS Research Priorities

I'd like to pose a question to you. Perhaps this is one of those questions that I should be happy to be asking. The entire idea of me needing...or even wanting to ask this question bodes well for the … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT in 2013

It's time. The New Year is upon us. I started last year by telling you about 17 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT in 2012. Yes, all of those suggestions still apply. Now, here are 15 more to help you achieve … [Read more...]

The Three Fastest Ways to End Your Career in 2013

With the new year dawning brightly and all that ugly Mayan business behind us, I thought it might be a good time to address some of the best ways to bring your EMS world to an untimely end in the new … [Read more...]

Practice Your Craft

When was the last time you practiced your craft. I mean deliberately practiced accessing and using your knowledge and skills. I'm not talking about running calls. When I say practice I use the word in … [Read more...]

EMT Spot Redux: Five Things My Kids Taught Me About EMS

I'm blessed with two kids. They are amazing. My kids changed my whole perspective on the world. They re-framed my purpose. It's wonderful, the way a few minutes with your kids can put an entire bad … [Read more...]

Six EMS Phrases That Should Be Banished

There are a bunch of phrases we commonly throw around in EMS. With the popularity of social media, some of them seem to get carried far and wide. Some are helpful. Some...not so much. And some are … [Read more...]

Do The Right Thing

I sounds obvious. It also sounds deceptively easy. But it's not. When we accept a job as an emergency responder we need to be willing to commit ourselves to doing the right thing, even when … [Read more...]

7 Myths About Fixing Our EMS Systems

Browsing through one of my favorite online forums I encountered Mikey, an EMS manager who asks the question, “Can we justify our current model of EMS?” Mikey has a list of issues with our current EMS … [Read more...]

Protecting Your EMS Longevity

Longevity wasn't something I thought too much about when I was in my twenties. As a new EMT my older, more experienced counterparts seemed to have lots of advice about protecting my long term career … [Read more...]

“What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen?”

It happened again a few days ago. This time it was on shift. There we were driving up Parker Rd. when the EMT student rider leaned forward from the back seat and asked the quintessential rookie / … [Read more...]