101 Things We Should Teach Every New EMT

1) You aren't required to know everything. 2) You are required to know the foundational knowledge and skills of your job. No excuses. 3) Always be nice. It's a force multiplier. 4) There is … [Read more...]

Try Being Brave

"Just for a second...just, try being brave."      - Despereaux James is working at a fire station where one of the volunteer officers often shows up for calls intoxicated. Sometimes he drives the … [Read more...]

Seven Hard Truths About EMS That Will Make You Better

Having worked in EMS for over two decades now, I've come to grasp a few hard truths that, once you accept, can improve your job experience tremendously. I'll warn you at the start that this post lacks … [Read more...]

A Letter From Your E.R. Doctor

Earlier this month, Dr. Rose Owens penned an open letter to EMT's and paramedics across the country. She posted it in the Facebook forum "Paramedics on Facebook". As a paramedic, Dr. Rose sees … [Read more...]

The Artist in The Ambulance

I found this fun little tribute video on YouTube today. With the accessibility of digital media, why aren't we all making more of these?   Thanks for that ABEMTShayna. If you make … [Read more...]

The Greatest Error of Omission

Errors of omission are errors we commit through inaction. They are the things we left out. They are the should-have-but-didn't moments in our patient care as well as our lives. Administering an … [Read more...]

The Hierarchy of EMS Job Priorities

Do you want to feel more satisfied in your job? Perhaps you need to flip your list. You've met satisfied EMS employees in the past. You've also, no doubt, met some dissatisfied EMS employees along … [Read more...]

Are You A Public Safety Advocate?

Recently, while skiing up at Eldora, my wife and I started a conversation about the dramatic changes that we had seen over the past fifteen years in helmet use at our Colorado ski resorts. It … [Read more...]

Social Media Assisted Career Suicide

Recently, Dave Statter of www.Statter911.com coined a brilliant term for an ever growing phenomenon in our industry, something Dave refers to as Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome or … [Read more...]

A Life Less Ordinary

"What do you desire? What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like? Let's suppose - I do this often in vocational guidance of students. They come to me and … [Read more...]