Head Injury Management (Two Things)

Managing head injury patients can be challenging. Actually they can be down right scary. Let's face it, the closed head injury call can go sideways fast. They tend to be altered or unconscious. They … [Read more...]

Remember Two Things: Saying Goodbye

My latest Remember Two things video is posted over at EMS1.com. In this episode I discuss a crucial moment in patient care that is often overlooked. I'm talking about the moment we say goodbye to the … [Read more...]

Are You Accidentally Inducing Hypothermia?

Any kid who has ever drank a Slurpee too fast on a warm day, and found themselves shivering and chilled, knows that cold fluids can be remarkably effective at cooling the human body. I had this lesson … [Read more...]

I Need Your Best IV Starting Advice

The EMT Spot needs your tips and tricks! I'm collecting the very best tips and techniques for nailing the IV every time. What have you got to add? What are your very best techniques for making sure … [Read more...]

15 Things to Know Before Your Next Obstetrical Call

There's something about the patient in labor that makes my palms sweat. I'm not alone. Most of us EMS folks get a little anxious at the idea of delivering a baby. Obstetrical calls can go very right … [Read more...]

The Space Between

"It's the space between the bars that holds the tiger." -Zen Koan How does anyone become really good at what they do? Is there a magic recipe? From the opposite side of the bars, an adult Bengal … [Read more...]

Trauma Care: 2 Minutes, 2 Hours, 2 Weeks

Dead is...unfortunately, dead. It doesn't matter if the patient dies two minutes after you arrive on scene or two hours later or two weeks later. Dead is still dead. With that in mind, it's worth … [Read more...]

How To Double Your EMT Income

Would you like to make twice as much money as you do right now? You could do it. ...No, really, you could. And it wouldn't involve getting a second job or knocking off an armored truck. You could do … [Read more...]

Mastering the Bio-Phone Report

"Pons, D.G.!" Ten years after Denver General changed it's name to Denver Health Medical Center, Dr. Pons was still referring to the institution as D.G. and still answering the bio-phone with his … [Read more...]

The Protocol / Skill Breakthrough

Once you understand the protocol / skill connection you might come to see a host of problems with the way we develop, use and teach our protocols. I'd like to tell you about two biggies. As we … [Read more...]