EMT Burn Management: Part 3

Treatment Guidelines For The Burn Patient You've taken an educated guess on burn depth, calculated the burn area and classified the burns severity. With those priorities out of the way we can start … [Read more...]

All Medics Should Be Armed

A comment by Skip Kirkwood I think medics should be armed........with Verbal Judo and other established training in defusing violent situations....with the Escaping Violent Encounters course from … [Read more...]

What Makes You An EMT?

This poor kid has been getting a lot of grief on social media.* Apparently he passed his EMT exams and he's been doing a bunch of ride-alongs as well as collecting a pretty impressive vest full of … [Read more...]

Stop Cooling Those Burns

Do you ever get the feeling that everything you learned in EMT class was wrong? If you haven't yet developed that feeling, then you probably haven't been around long enough. Stick around. Sooner or … [Read more...]

‘Tis The Season: Suspicious Packages

No doubt, with the holidays at hand, our local Hazmat agencies may be receiving an increase in suspicious package calls. As time goes on, we tend to develop a ho-hum attitude toward these types of … [Read more...]

Looking For Sasquatch (A Challenge)

My EMT instructor told me his version of the story back in 1989. He was forthcoming that he had not been in the emergency room when it happened, he had only heard the story passed on. (As I would pass … [Read more...]

Requesting The Right-of-Way

I encountered a video recently of a family crossing the street in front of an emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens operating. There are several interesting points to the video. One is the … [Read more...]

Practice Your Craft

When was the last time you practiced your craft. I mean deliberately practiced accessing and using your knowledge and skills. I'm not talking about running calls. When I say practice I use the word in … [Read more...]

Action vs. Right Action

"Hurry up and do something!" Emergencies seem to demand that we take action. Not just action, but immediate action. Haven't you ever stepped out of your vehicle onto an emergency scene ad had … [Read more...]

What is The Shock Index?

One of the more difficult things to relate to new EMTs who are just cutting their first patient assessment teeth is putting assessment finding in context. Frequently, while teaching a new batch of EMT … [Read more...]