EMS Captain Saves Over One Week a Year in Labor Costs

Fountain EMS Pix Rescue Vehicle in Garage 1

(Sponsored Post) EMS Captain Saves His Department Over One Week a Year in Labor Costs   Hesitancy to switch from a handwritten calendar to an online employee scheduling system   was … [Read more...]

Florida EMS Aquires New MCI Vehicle

EAST NAPLES, Fla. — Just in case some large-scale disaster were to occur with mass casualties, Collier County wants to be prepared. County commissioners recently gave the county's Department of … [Read more...]

Korean Firefighters and Paramedics Train at GA College

The GRU Department of Emergency Medicine has hosted the international group for about a month and trained them on prehospital trauma care, emergency response and clinical techniques. [Read the whole … [Read more...]

The EMS Community Mourns The Passing of An Icon

The EMS community lost an icon Sunday morning with the unexpected death of EMS educator Mike Smith. Mike, age 61, was a close part of the JEMS family for many years, writing as a columnist for JEMS … [Read more...]

Aladtec’s Scheduling Systems Resolve Staffing Problems for EMS at Burning Man

Hudson, WI - It’s difficult to to schedule 20 people on a spreadsheet, calendar or whiteboard.  Imagine trying to schedule hundreds of people with one of these  antiquated methods of scheduling. … [Read more...]

Helicopter Flights Against Parents Wishes Cost $14,000

Nearly an hour after the initial call for help, two Lincoln County, KY children with minor injuries were flown by helicopter to a regional hospital instead of  being driven to a hospital less than 15 … [Read more...]

Woman in Wheelchair Sues EMT Over ‘Wide Load’ Tweet

AP Newswire - NEW YORK, A wheelchair-bound woman has filed a lawsuit against a New York City EMT who tweeted a photo of her with a caption that said "Wide Load." Teena Gamzon, who suffers from … [Read more...]

Aladtec’s EMS Manager Prevents a $7,000 Unemployment Claim in PA

Haverford Patch

(Sponsored Post) Aladtec’s EMS Manager System Allows Haverford Township EMS (PA) to Prevent a $7,000 Unemployment Claim   A … [Read more...]

Florida $375.00 Ambulance Ride to Nowhere

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - When a local woman parked i the emergency bay at an area hospital the staff called 911 so the ambulance crew could assist her inside the facility. Then she received a $375.00 … [Read more...]

Werner Herzog Tackles Texting and Driving in New Documentary

Fantastic film maker goes after an issue so important to us in EMS.   … [Read more...]