10 Things You Should Know About Aphasia

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Aphasia is a catch-all word that describes difficulty in speaking. Aphasia can range from mild difficulty in finding and expressing words or completing sentences to a complete inability to speak.. It … [Read more...]

Remember Two Things: After Decon

These two tips come from my good friend James Babylon of Covenant All Risk Consulting. Thanks James. ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.com  … [Read more...]

Six Patient Statements That Should Concern You

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As we develop our experience in EMS, we encounter certain statements that make us sit up and take notice. Sometimes we take notice because we remember a call where things started going down hill right … [Read more...]

Dealing With Cell Phone Talkers

In this months installment of Remember Two Things I discuss the frustrating issue of patients who won't hang up their cell phones. What do you do? ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.com … [Read more...]

Back to School

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Sometimes I forget that not everyone who is a part of The EMT Spot community has been a part of that community from day one. Along the way, you may have missed some stuff. In fact, you may have just … [Read more...]

Special Events

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In this months Remember Two Things, I talk about the importance of preplaning and the simplicity of carrying band-aids at your next special event. ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.com … [Read more...]

EMS Myth: We Can Accidentally “Kidnap” People

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You've heard the claim before. A well meaning partner or supervisor may have warned you. Or perhaps a field instructor or even an EMT instructor made the dubious claim. It sounded something like this, … [Read more...]

Assessing For Nystagmus

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Sometimes, when we don't wee immediate value in an assessment tool, we decide to stop using it and quickly forget the correct technique for performing the evaluation. Once an assessment falls from out … [Read more...]

Understanding The SAMPLE History

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The SAMPLE history usually comes up in the first few weeks of EMT class. It's such a widely accepted standard that it appears in the National Registry medical and trauma skills station as well as the … [Read more...]

17 Ways to Become an Awesome EMT in 2012

17 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT

Want to become more awesome in 2012? Here are 17 places you can start: 1) Start Checking Out Your Rig Each Morning Most organizations have a policy in place that states that oncoming EMS crews … [Read more...]