EMT Burn Management: Part 3

Treatment Guidelines For The Burn Patient You've taken an educated guess on burn depth, calculated the burn area and classified the burns severity. With those priorities out of the way we can start … [Read more...]

EMT Burn Management: Part 2

Burn Assessment and Treatment: Making The Call In our first installment, we looked at how to determine the thickness of a burn and what that might mean for the patient. Now let’s talk about the … [Read more...]

EMT Burn Management: Part 1

An EMT Guide to Burn Assessment and Treatment Your patient has been burned. You are going to have to make two important decisions and you may need to make them fast. First you’re going to need to … [Read more...]

Two Things About Proper Patient Restraint

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Heart Attack Signs in Women

Women feel heart attack sympotoms differently. Would you miss a heart attack if it presented with nausea, dizziness or something other than chest pain? Watch my latest Remember Two Things episode and … [Read more...]

Patient Rewarming Advice

I'm back! Here's the latest Remember Two Things posted over on Paramedic TV.   … [Read more...]

Risk vs Benifit Analysis – An Apology to Melissa

I belong to several EMS groups on social media. Recently one of the boards got rolling on the topic of active shooter scenarios and some systems that are integrating non-tactical EMS into their active … [Read more...]

Swab Until Clean My Friends

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4 Things You Can Tell The Police Without Violating HIPAA

HIPAA Rules. Is there anything in medicine that is more commonly misunderstood? I was recently involved in a pretty tense scene where several drunk friends tried to assist in the resuscitation of … [Read more...]

How to Become a Firefighter (An Unconventional Step-By-Step Guide)

Each cycle of our EMT class here at South Metro, I tend to have the same conversation. It usually happens sometime toward the end of the second week, but sometimes sooner. It is almost always after … [Read more...]