Two Things About Proper Patient Restraint

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Heart Attack Signs in Women

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Women feel heart attack sympotoms differently. Would you miss a heart attack if it presented with nausea, dizziness or something other than chest pain? Watch my latest Remember Two Things episode and … [Read more...]

Patient Rewarming Advice

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I'm back! Here's the latest Remember Two Things posted over on Paramedic TV.   … [Read more...]

Risk vs Benifit Analysis – An Apology to Melissa

I belong to several EMS groups on social media. Recently one of the boards got rolling on the topic of active shooter scenarios and some systems that are integrating non-tactical EMS into their active … [Read more...]

Swab Until Clean My Friends

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4 Things You Can Tell The Police Without Violating HIPAA

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HIPAA Rules. Is there anything in medicine that is more commonly misunderstood? I was recently involved in a pretty tense scene where several drunk friends tried to assist in the resuscitation of … [Read more...]

How to Become a Firefighter (An Unconventional Step-By-Step Guide)

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Each cycle of our EMT class here at South Metro, I tend to have the same conversation. It usually happens sometime toward the end of the second week, but sometimes sooner. It is almost always after … [Read more...]

Clean Your Stuff

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Alan starts each shift with a ritual of cleaning. I should be clear that I don't use the word ritual as a literary device. Alan's morning ambulance cleaning is as systematic and well thought out as … [Read more...]

Two Good Habits for Safe Patient Interactions

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In my latest Remember Two Things episode, I talk about two habits you can develop to remain safe around hostile patients. ParamedicTV is powered by    … [Read more...]

Mass Casualty Incident Reality

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I've been to a few mass casualty incidents over the years. They have ranged in severity and acuity from a large group of bored teenagers with chemical eye irritation to an active shooter in a crowded … [Read more...]