Objectivity and Patient Care

A Guest Post by Sean Fontaine I love posting articles controversial enough to warrant a disclaimer. Today I have the pleasure of bringing you another post by guest author Sean Fontaine. Sean is a … [Read more...]

Five Tips for New Paramedic School Students

A guest post by Sean Fontaine. I've been bugging Sean to write a guest post for the blog for a few years now. I don't usually harass my friends about writing content, but Sean is so enthusiast … [Read more...]

Coping With Victims Emotions

Today we have a guest post from Sally Davison. Sally is one of the masterminds behind the website FireScienceDegree.com. If you're looking for a degree in fire science, Sally's site offers what just … [Read more...]

Behind Every Great EMT…

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The May 2010 Handover Blog Carnival

"And That's When It All Came Together" There are moments in life when everything clicks. Synchronicity. Poetry in motion. Bliss. Those moments on our journey when the map suddenly seems so clear and … [Read more...]

How Being Burnt Out Can Ignite A Rebirth

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Back In The Day

A Guest Post By: Chris Framstead If you've worked in EMS anywhere near the Denver Metro area in the last 20 years you're probably going to really like today's offering by EMT Spot guest author Chris … [Read more...]

EMS Response To Sexual Assault

A Guest Post By: Jimmy Futrelle The EMT Spot would like to welcome Jimmy Futrelle to our guest post roster. Jimmy s a Paramedic hailing from Scurry County Texas. Jimmy has been responding on calls … [Read more...]

The Greatest Generation

A Guest Post By: Matthew Bergland Matthew is a street paramedic from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I first met Matt well over a decade ago when he was an EMT for Pridemark Paramedic Services. Today he … [Read more...]