Are You A Public Safety Advocate?

Recently, while skiing up at Eldora, my wife and I started a conversation about the dramatic changes that we had seen over the past fifteen years in helmet use at our Colorado ski resorts. It … [Read more...]

Social Media Assisted Career Suicide

Recently, Dave Statter of coined a brilliant term for an ever growing phenomenon in our industry, something Dave refers to as Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome or … [Read more...]

Stop Cooling Those Burns

Do you ever get the feeling that everything you learned in EMT class was wrong? If you haven't yet developed that feeling, then you probably haven't been around long enough. Stick around. Sooner or … [Read more...]

A Life Less Ordinary

"What do you desire? What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like? Let's suppose - I do this often in vocational guidance of students. They come to me and … [Read more...]

Medtronic Save-A-Life Simulator Scores

As frequent readers are aware, sometimes when I encounter a public service announcement or online training tool that is so clever that it amazes me, I feel compelled to pass it on. This month is … [Read more...]

The TICkLeS (TICLS) Mnemonic for Pediatric Assessment

If you know me, you know that I'm a sucker for good, useful mnemonics for prehospital care. Since we've been discussing pediatric assessment lately, I thought it might be a good time to review an … [Read more...]

Sorting Out Our EMS Research Priorities

I'd like to pose a question to you. Perhaps this is one of those questions that I should be happy to be asking. The entire idea of me needing...or even wanting to ask this question bodes well for the … [Read more...]

EMS Assessment of Newborns

Babies make us nervous. It's a simple fact. And it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Assessment and evaluation of the newborn infant is the patient assessment equivalent of a high-wire act. The … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT in 2013

It's time. The New Year is upon us. I started last year by telling you about 17 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT in 2012. Yes, all of those suggestions still apply. Now, here are 15 more to help you achieve … [Read more...]

The Three Fastest Ways to End Your Career in 2013

With the new year dawning brightly and all that ugly Mayan business behind us, I thought it might be a good time to address some of the best ways to bring your EMS world to an untimely end in the new … [Read more...]