What Makes You An EMT?

This poor kid has been getting a lot of grief on social media.* Apparently he passed his EMT exams and he's been doing a bunch of ride-alongs as well as collecting a pretty impressive vest full of … [Read more...]

I Need Your Questions and Scenarios

Would you be willing to help me with my new web series? Later this month I will be filming a web series for EMS1 entitled, "What would you do?" I'd like challenging, real world situations drawn … [Read more...]

Treatment vs Care

It's important to distinguish between good treatment and good care. Doing a proper patient assessment is good treatment. Telling the patient what you are doing before you do it is good … [Read more...]

The Brilliance of EMS Workforce Management Software

Your attention is valuable. I appreciate every minute you spend here reading this blog. Every time I press the publish button on a new post I consider that one important fact. Your time is precious … [Read more...]

A Letter From Your E.R. Doctor

Earlier this month, Dr. Rose Owens penned an open letter to EMT's and paramedics across the country. She posted it in the Facebook forum "Paramedics on Facebook". As a paramedic, Dr. Rose sees … [Read more...]

The Artist in The Ambulance

I found this fun little tribute video on YouTube today. With the accessibility of digital media, why aren't we all making more of these?   Thanks for that ABEMTShayna. If you make … [Read more...]

How to Become a Firefighter (An Unconventional Step-By-Step Guide)

Each cycle of our EMT class here at South Metro, I tend to have the same conversation. It usually happens sometime toward the end of the second week, but sometimes sooner. It is almost always after … [Read more...]

Clean Your Stuff

Alan starts each shift with a ritual of cleaning. I should be clear that I don't use the word ritual as a literary device. Alan's morning ambulance cleaning is as systematic and well thought out as … [Read more...]

The Greatest Error of Omission

Errors of omission are errors we commit through inaction. They are the things we left out. They are the should-have-but-didn't moments in our patient care as well as our lives. Administering an … [Read more...]

The Hierarchy of EMS Job Priorities

Do you want to feel more satisfied in your job? Perhaps you need to flip your list. You've met satisfied EMS employees in the past. You've also, no doubt,┬ámet some dissatisfied EMS employees along … [Read more...]