10 Things You Should Know About Aphasia

Aphasia is a catch-all word that describes difficulty in speaking. Aphasia can range from mild difficulty in finding and expressing words or completing sentences to a complete inability to speak.. It … [Read more...]

What Should I do? Looking For Medical Advice on The Internet

Emma is deeply concerned about her recent diagnosis. Apparently some sort of cerebral hemorrhage. "Just last month I was diagnosed with a bleeding brain." She reports in a recent comment here on this … [Read more...]

“But…I Can’t Afford An Ambulance!”

If you've worked in the medical transport business for any length of time, you've undoubtedly heard a patient express their concern about the very real expense of medical transport. It's an awkward … [Read more...]

Requesting The Right-of-Way

I encountered a video recently of a family crossing the street in front of an emergency vehicle with its lights and sirens operating. There are several interesting points to the video. One is the … [Read more...]

Back to School

Sometimes I forget that not everyone who is a part of The EMT Spot community has been a part of that community from day one. Along the way, you may have missed some stuff. In fact, you may have just … [Read more...]

College Degrees in EMS

Your future is coming. You can only walk this road in one direction. Where is your road leading you right now? Do you know? EMS is one of those lingering medical professions that still don't … [Read more...]

When Should You Turn On Your Lights and Use Your Siren?

Instead of offering up a teaching tidbit, I'd like to take this post in another direction. I'll offer up a story and you can tell me if I did the right thing or not. This story is true. I'll tell it … [Read more...]

Understanding the Plantar Reflex (or Babinski Sign)

A question that comes up frequently in our EMT class is, "How do we assess distal motor function in altered or unconscious patients?" It's a fair question. We usually drill our EMT students on … [Read more...]

The Six P’s of Compartment Syndrome

We sometimes overlook compartment syndrome while teaching isolated limb injury because it tends to develop hours to days after the initial insult. That late onset might suggest that it falls outside … [Read more...]

Action vs. Right Action

"Hurry up and do something!" Emergencies seem to demand that we take action. Not just action, but immediate action. Haven't you ever stepped out of your vehicle onto an emergency scene ad had … [Read more...]