Try Being Brave

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"Just for a second...just, try being brave."      - Despereaux James is working at a fire station where one of the volunteer officers often shows up for calls intoxicated. Sometimes he drives the … [Read more...]

Treatment vs Care

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It's important to distinguish between good treatment and good care. Doing a proper patient assessment is good treatment. Telling the patient what you are doing before you do it is good … [Read more...]

Sorting Out Our EMS Research Priorities

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I'd like to pose a question to you. Perhaps this is one of those questions that I should be happy to be asking. The entire idea of me needing...or even wanting to ask this question bodes well for the … [Read more...]

EMS Assessment of Newborns

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Babies make us nervous. It's a simple fact. And it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Assessment and evaluation of the newborn infant is the patient assessment equivalent of a high-wire act. The … [Read more...]

15 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT in 2013

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It's time. The New Year is upon us. I started last year by telling you about 17 Ways to Be an Awesome EMT in 2012. Yes, all of those suggestions still apply. Now, here are 15 more to help you achieve … [Read more...]

Mass Casualty Incident Reality

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I've been to a few mass casualty incidents over the years. They have ranged in severity and acuity from a large group of bored teenagers with chemical eye irritation to an active shooter in a crowded … [Read more...]

Looking For Sasquatch (A Challenge)

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My EMT instructor told me his version of the story back in 1989. He was forthcoming that he had not been in the emergency room when it happened, he had only heard the story passed on. (As I would pass … [Read more...]

10 Things You Should Know About Aphasia

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Aphasia is a catch-all word that describes difficulty in speaking. Aphasia can range from mild difficulty in finding and expressing words or completing sentences to a complete inability to speak.. It … [Read more...]

What Should I do? Looking For Medical Advice on The Internet

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Emma is deeply concerned about her recent diagnosis. Apparently some sort of cerebral hemorrhage. "Just last month I was diagnosed with a bleeding brain." She reports in a recent comment here on this … [Read more...]

“But…I Can’t Afford An Ambulance!”

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If you've worked in the medical transport business for any length of time, you've undoubtedly heard a patient express their concern about the very real expense of medical transport. It's an awkward … [Read more...]