Public Safety Agency Announces Major Improvements Since Implementing Aladtec

Public Safety Agency Announces Major Improvements Since Implementing Aladtec for Staff Scheduling and Workforce Management Moving employee scheduling and other processes online, such as office … [Read more...]

Paramedics Demand Lawsuit Protection

A firefighter and paramedic advocacy group hopes to revive the "public duty rule" that protects first responders from getting sued by people they try to help. [Read the Whole Story Here] … [Read more...]

Paramedics to Make House Calls to Overdose Patients

[Read more...]

Aladtec to Attend 2015 Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC)

Aladtec to Attend 2015 Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) October 15, 2015 - Long Beach, CA - The largest conference of combined crew and administrators in the air medical transport field takes … [Read more...]

Two Detroit Medics Seriously Injured in Stabbing

Two Detroit paramedics were seriously injured Tuesday morning when a male assailant, described as "agitated," repeatedly slashed and stabbed their faces and hands with a sharp object. [Read the whole … [Read more...]

Stroke Recognition in US and UK Remains Low

A new survey suggests that just over half of people in the U.S. and England would know how to recognize a stroke and when to call an ambulance. The analysis suggests that public education about stroke … [Read more...]

New Bill Helps Military Medics Become EMTs

Experienced military medics are often required to duplicate their medical training at the most basic level to receive certification to be hired for a civilian EMS job. The Veteran Emergency Medical … [Read more...]

Record Numbers of UK Paramedics Leaving the Job.

High demand, no respite and long hours are what these professionals face on a daily basis, which has resulted in a large exit of paramedics from ambulance trusts across the country. [Read the Whole … [Read more...]

Paramedic Charged with DWI After Ambulance Accident

An off-duty paramedic has been charged with drunk driving after authorities say he moved an ambulance during an incident, hitting a parked vehicle. [Read the Whole Story Here] … [Read more...]

Colorado Flight For Life Helicopter Crashes Seconds into Flight

The NTSB is currently investigating the crash of a Colorado Flight For Life helicopter just seconds into take off. The helicopter was on it's way to an educational camp. The pilot died and both crew … [Read more...]