Aladtec, Inc. Announces Branding Consolidation for Popular First Responder Software Solutions

May 16, 2014 - Hudson, WI - Aladtec, Inc., the company behind the popular online employee scheduling and workforce management systems, EMS Manager, FIRE Manager, and Zanager, is rebranding and … [Read more...]

101 Things We Should Teach Every New EMT

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1) You aren't required to know everything. 2) You are required to know the foundational knowledge and skills of your job. No excuses. 3) Always be nice. It's a force multiplier. 4) There is … [Read more...]

All Medics Should Be Armed

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A comment by Skip Kirkwood I think medics should be armed........with Verbal Judo and other established training in defusing violent situations....with the Escaping Violent Encounters course from … [Read more...]

Providence E.R. Begins First Clinical Test of Google Glass

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Beginning Friday, Rhode Island Hospital's emergency department will become the first in the nation, officials say, to use Google Glass technology to stream live images of a … [Read more...]

Utah Deputy / EMT Stops Teen Suicide in Progress

FRUIT HEIGHTS, Utah — Davis County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Sorensen was patrolling Fruit Heights where the small town converges with the Farmington Canyon area. It was 4 a.m., and traffic was mostly … [Read more...]

UK Paramedics Called For “Fitting Male” Find Dead Canine

A PARAMEDIC said she was “shocked” to be called out to a potentially life threatening emergency only to discover that the patient was, in fact, a dog. Earlier this week the North West Ambulance … [Read more...]

Heart Attack Signs in Women

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Women feel heart attack sympotoms differently. Would you miss a heart attack if it presented with nausea, dizziness or something other than chest pain? Watch my latest Remember Two Things episode and … [Read more...]

What Makes You An EMT?

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This poor kid has been getting a lot of grief on social media.* Apparently he passed his EMT exams and he's been doing a bunch of ride-alongs as well as collecting a pretty impressive vest full of … [Read more...]

I Need Your Questions and Scenarios

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Would you be willing to help me with my new web series? Later this month I will be filming a web series for EMS1 entitled, "What would you do?" I'd like challenging, real world situations drawn … [Read more...]

Seven Hard Truths About EMS That Will Make You Better

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Having worked in EMS for over two decades now, I've come to grasp a few hard truths that, once you accept, can improve your job experience tremendously. I'll warn you at the start that this post lacks … [Read more...]