Record Numbers of UK Paramedics Leaving the Job.

High demand, no respite and long hours are what these professionals face on a daily basis, which has resulted in a large exit of paramedics from ambulance trusts across the country. [Read the Whole … [Read more...]

Paramedic Charged with DWI After Ambulance Accident

An off-duty paramedic has been charged with drunk driving after authorities say he moved an ambulance during an incident, hitting a parked vehicle. [Read the Whole Story Here] … [Read more...]

Colorado Flight For Life Helicopter Crashes Seconds into Flight

The NTSB is currently investigating the crash of a Colorado Flight For Life helicopter just seconds into take off. The helicopter was on it's way to an educational camp. The pilot died and both crew … [Read more...]

Carmel Ind. Paramedics Deploy Ultrasound

The Indy Channel reports that Carmel paramedics will be the first to deploy ultrasound in the prehospital environment. [Read the whole story here] … [Read more...]

How Can Aladtec Software Save Time and Money?

Working as a supervisor was a ton of fun and also a ton of work. We decided to partner with Aladtec as our primary sponsor because I know personally that employee schedule management can be the single … [Read more...]

Medic Fired for “Sick Selfies”

Sometimes folks who don't care much for patients end up in caregiver roles. It should be obvious to most providers that taking selfies with dying patients is morally reprehensible. Emergency service … [Read more...]

Aladtec Software Instrumental in Staffing Minnesota State Fair


Aladtec Online Employee Scheduling & Workforce Management is Instrumental When Staffing Medical Personnel for the Minnesota State Fair October 7, 2014 - St. Paul, MN - The Great Minnesota … [Read more...]

Pain Tolerance and the 1 – 10 Scale

adam ice break feature

Last night I watched a friend of mine break a stack of bricks with his bare hand. As a trained martial artist he's no stranger to breaking things with his body. In fact, he's been putting his hands … [Read more...]

Two Things About Proper Patient Restraint

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Apollo MedFlight (TX) Chooses Aladtec

Apollo MedFlight (TX) Chooses Aladtec for Staff Scheduling and Data Management Solutions   This organization requires tools that allow them to be as flexible as possible in the extremely fluid … [Read more...]