I Need Your Questions and Scenarios

Would you be willing to help me with my new web series?_DSC0111

Later this month I will be filming a web series for EMS1 entitled, “What would you do?” I’d like challenging, real world situations drawn from our actual EMS practice to present to the viewers. Some of the scenarios will also be presented to the readers for their input and advice before filming.

Scenarios can be actual events or circumstances that challenged you or they can be questions about situations that you have not yet encountered. The situations can be from clinical practice numberswiki.com

or from your workplace interactions. It can be anything that you feel has been challenging about managing your EMS life or your EMS job.

My producer and I will select the top 12 that we think would be most useful to broader EMS audience and those will be chosen for this years episodes. Please specify an alias if you would prefer your real name not be used in the episode. I will only be using the first names of contributors.

Submit scenarios to the comments section below of to me personally: Steve@theemtspot.com.

Thanks for your scenarios. I look forward to hearing your contributions.