Treatment vs Care

It’s important to distinguish between good treatment and good care.trauma by elroma via flickr

Doing a proper patient assessment is good treatment.

Telling the patient what you are doing before you do it is good care.

Starting an IV is good treatment.

Thoroughly cleaning the IV site and using sterile technique is good care.

Safe transport to the hospital is good treatment.

A warm blanket and a kind word before you leave is good care.

Proper splinting is good treatment.

Proper pain control is good care.

Making sure you are transporting to an appropriate receiving facility is good treatment.

Making sure the family members know how to get there is good care.

There will always be medical personnel who propose that good treatment is all that really matters. They are wrong. They are both essential. Good care is fairly meaningless if your treatment is incompetent. Good treatment is an illusion when it is administered by carelessly. The shortest road to becoming a better clinician is by caring more about the patients we serve.

(Thank you Erik for the comment that inspired this post.)