ACLS Training Center Offers Learning Resources and Certification

As an EMS educator who has been posting educational material online for over four years now, I’m always encouraged to see EMS training institutions moving their content online. I’d like to make you aware of one recent addition to the online E-learning offerings, ACLS Training Center. The folks over at ACLS Training Center asked me to take a peek at their latest offerings and I like what I see.

They are offering BLS, ACLS and PALS certifications online for reasonable prices with immediate certification available on completion. I know that a lot of folks out there struggle with managing their shifts and making it to C.E. classes. Online E-learning options are both a viable way to refresh these skills and a convenient option for the geographically challenged. Programs like these can be a boon for our rural providers and volunteers as well.

I’m also impressed with ACLS Training Center’s willingness to put educational content online. Here are a few examples:

As video education gets better and better, it’s becoming easy and  simple to serve-up a video on your phone or mobile device and begin a training discussion from the front seat of an ambulance or anywhere else your EMS day finds you.

They even have a page where you can practice your ACLS algorithms.

I believe that ACLS Training Center is on the leading edge of a growing trend in EMS training. Today, most EMS providers have never recertified using an online training program like the ones these folks are offering. I predict that five years from now, EMS providers who have never used E-learning will be the exception, not the rule.

Are you ready to take the next step? Give them a try and let us all know how it goes. Do you already have experience with the folks over at ACLS Training Center? I’d like to hear about your experience too. Leave a comment and let us know how it all went.


  1. Steve,
    I have also been solicited by the ACLS Training Center to link to their website for a generous referral fee. I am quite concerned that an ACLS certification, without a hands-on competency assessment, will not meet regulatory requirements for EMT or paramedic recertification. I shared my concern with ACLS Training Center and they have not replied to me.

    There are many similar programs that advertise online only BLS and ACLS recertification. I feel strongly that we are putting our colleagues in EMS at risk by advertising or linking to these programs.

    HSI has created a website about Online-Only programs, Obviously they have an interest in steering people into their programs, but their programs include an opportunity for skill practice and skill assessment.


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