Woman in Wheelchair Sues EMT Over ‘Wide Load’ Tweet

AP Newswire – NEW YORK, A wheelchair-bound woman has filed a lawsuit against a New York City EMT who tweeted a photo of her with a caption that said “Wide Load.”

Teena Gamzon, who suffers from diabetes and other ailments, says fire department EMT Thomas Dluhos secretly photographed her and then splashed it over the Internet. [Read the whole story on EMS1]


  1. Ah, saw this one from another site. The guy shouldn’t have uploaded the photo, but then again nobody would even bat an eyelid as to who the patient is if she didn’t own it and make a fuss about it. Another social media blunder. 🙁

  2. I agree with Mike – photo shouldn’t have been uploaded. It’s one of those things that can go haywire and a risk you take anytime you go live with something in social media. You have to be careful not to put yourself at risk like this… Hopefully he can keep his job.

  3. The above two posts reprimand the EMT for UPLOADING the photo. Excuse me? This is not a media blunder nor a case of it being ok if only the anonymity of the person had been protected…and I really hoping here that y’all know why it was wrong to even TAKE the photo… right? There’s a “time and a place” for dark humor and it taking a photo of someone you are being paid to provide services to isn’t the time or place. Hope he gets to keep his job? No way! Give it to someone who has more discretion and common sense.
    I hope nobody ever thinks (and ends up dying) in a crisis situation, “I’m not going to call 911 because I’m afraid that the EMT’s will mock me”.