The Brilliance of EMS Workforce Management Software

Your attention is valuable. I appreciate every minute you spend Handheld device with zanagerhere reading this blog. Every time I press the publish button on a new post I consider that one important fact. Your time is precious and you come here with an understanding that the information I publish is useful and worthy of your time. Everything you read here is made possible by our sponsors and with our newest sponsor, the future looks bright.

If you are a regular reader, you probably noticed that we added a new sponsor to our sidebar earlier this summer. It’s with great pride that I’m announcing a new sponsor to our readership, Aladtec Incorporated. The folks at Aladtec are the masterminds behind the popular EMS and fire service scheduling software EMS Manager and FIRE Manager.

If your organization has already moved to online scheduling, you probably already understand the value of Internet based workforce management software. If your organization is still using spreadsheets and magnet boards to decide who is working where, the neCroppedLaptopEMSManagerwithHandsxt five minutes might be extraordinarily valuable to you and your employer.

Every great product begins with a problem and Aladtec’s software products solve a huge problem for every EMS and Fire Service organization. Primarily, the problem of managing the dynamic schedules of an emergency service system. If you don’t know what a monumental effort it is to manage the schedule of an emergency service organization, you haven’t been paying attention. Products like EMS manager, FIRE Manager and Zanager can save managers hundreds of productivity hours each month. (Yes…hundreds.)

And it’s not just managers who benefit. Most emergency service employees have plugged in to the mobile internet while their employers are still scratching out schedules on the break room white-board. Wouldn’t you prefer to access your schedule from anywhere and from any device? Welcome to what’s next.

EMS Manager and FIRE Manager online employee scheduling and workforce management software lets you:

  • Access your schedule 24/7/365 from any mobile device
  • Track trades, certifications and credentials
  • Automate time-off, trades and overtime sign-up
  • See meeting notes, standard operating procedures, photos and training videos
  • View the organization’s event calendar

You save a ton of time. Your organization saves a ton of money. If your financial manager shudders at the idea of buying more software, remind them that Aladtec offers a free trial. They can try out all the cost saving benefits for free. There’s nothing not to like about Aladtec’s line of products. That’s why we asked them to sponsor our blog and that’s why I’m excited to tell you all about them.

Thanks for being a loyal reader and the next time you see your supervisors hunched over a spreadsheet or moving magnets around on a board, give them Aladtec’s number (888.749.5550) and remind them that it’s the 21st century. Oh…and tell them The EMT Spot sent you.