Are You A Public Safety Advocate?

Recently, while skiing up at Eldora, my wife and I started a conversation about the dramatic changes that we had seen over the past fifteen years in helmet use at our Colorado ski resorts. It initiated an interesting conversation about the role of public safety professionals in advocating for public safety initiatives like helmet use.

When we think about public safety professionals as advocates for public safety, there is probably no better example than the Uniform Fire Code. Strong evidence for the effectiveness of public safety driven advocacy is no farther away than your nearest, clearly marked and unobstructed fire exit. Car seat belts use, helmet use and child car seats all owe their popularity to the advocacy of public safety personnel.

I know that you’re a public safety responder, but do you also see yourself as a public safety advocate? What do you do to promote public welfare? Do you see education and prevention as an important part of your job?


  1. Yes, paramedics have a big role to play in safety and prevention.

    2 questions …

    1) Will you wear an EMS helmet in the ambulance?

    2) Are you wearing a 3 wolves and a moon sweatshirt?