Dealing With Cell Phone Talkers

In this months installment of Remember Two Things I discuss the frustrating issue of patients who won’t hang up their cell phones. What do you do?

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  1. Great idea with the eye contact suggestion. This can be tricky though, patients I find who do this the most are MVA patients who want to tell as people as possible they were in a car accident. Part of me wants to just let them talk. It’s their emergency, if they feel telling their friend whose fault it was rather than addressing my questions is more important, then it’s not much of an actual emergency I can address anyway.
    But on the otherside of that, sometimes letting them talk a minute when they are upset about what is happening can allow them a chance to vent and then focus on me. I even will ask if I can talk to the person. This can help to end the conversation when I say “OK, I’m going to check his/her blood pressure now, so they will call you back when we get to the hospital”