Back to School

Sometimes I forget that not everyone who is a part of The EMT Spot community has been a part of that community from day one. Along the way, you may have missed some stuff. In fact, you may have just found us. In which case, welcome.

We’ve done a few great series and also tackled some great issues along the way. In the spirit of back to school time, let me see if I can peak your interest with a few of the ideas that we’ve shared over the past four years.

Feel like building up your knowledge in a few key areas? Here are a few ideas.

How solid are your vital sign taking chops? Want to know the ins and outs of these bread-and-butter EMT assessments? Take a look at the ultimate guide to vital signs:

The Pulse
The Blood Pressure
The First Rule of Vital Signs
The Art of The Pulse Check

How about your documentation? If you’d like to bone up on some of the skills that are vital to proper subjective assessment and reporting, you could call these posts our patient reporting mastery course:

The SOAP Reporting Breakthrough
Understanding OPQRST


Remembering The Glasgow Coma Score

How To Make Sure Your Hand-off Report Gets Heard

Mastering The Bio-Phone Report

Perhaps you’d like to know more about some specific patient populations. If you want to get a better handle on prehospital burn care, you might want to look through our bunr management series:

EMT Burn Management (Part 1)
EMT Burn Management (Part 2)
EMT Burn Management (Part 3)

What Is The Parkland Formula?

Or head injury management:

Remembering The Glasgow Coma Score
Head Injury Management (Two Things)
Responding to Head Injuries

Types of Brain Hemorrhage
Understanding Combative Head Injuries

Or hypothermia:

What is Hypothermia Anyway?
Responding to Hypothermia

Are You Accidentally Inducing Hypothermia?

Last but not least, here is a series of some of the best “big ideas” that weve discussed on the site. If you’d like a primer on The EMT Spots philosophy, here are a few of our more popular posts on the subject. Consider it your long-term EMS success guide:

8 Tragic EMS Behavior Flaws to Avoid 
What is An EMS Non-Conformist?
Stop Whining

Unconventional Thoughts on Emergency Services
Five Rules for One Shift
EMT Basic Skills Are Not Basic

There you have it. The bell has rung. School is back in session. Pick your first subject and get to work. I’ll meet you by the swing at recess.


  1. Pam Howes says:


    I have not looked at your wonderful website in a while!! Love it!! Hope you and your wonderful family are well. Would you ever be interested in making the trek up to Longmont and teaching at a EMT/Paramedic CE class?? Let me know!!! You guys could all come up for dinner 🙂

  2. Pam Howes says:

    Oh and yes, newsletter please!!!!

  3. Cheers for that! I’d missed out on the burns series when they came out – useful reading. In particular the use of dry dressings is news to me. UK guidelines through JRCALC are still based on covering the burn with cling film and irrigating. Any idea when and why the prevailing opinion changed?

  4. This is a good reference article…I am going to use this in my next CME….thanks