Remember Two Things: Sepsis

My latest Remember Two Things video is up over at EMS1. At EMS World last year I gave a 90 minute presentation about sepsis for EMS providers. This video answers the most essential question from that lecture in about four minutes.

The question: What can EMS providers really do to reduce mortality rates in sepsis patients?

The answer is here:

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  1. Sean Fontaine says:

    This was my 0500 pt this morning. I feel as though you were watching noting for this post instead of in quarters alseep. Seriously, I did have this exact pt, the early sepsis indicators w/recent UTI and already @ 103.1 F. Good post. I’ll miss you @ Operation Mountain Guardian tomorrow.

  2. King County EMS just had a lecture on sepsis by Dr. Carlbom that might be worth watching too.

  3. Very very good summary of the key points, Steve.

  4. An interesting study was published this summer that strikes a cautionary note against early aggressive fluid resuscitation in children with severe infection and sepsis. It was conducted in low-resource environments without western ICUs, but the results appear solid and they raise lots of questions. See the FEAST study, published at

  5. Steve: Great video. I’ve been using it my classrooms teaching Sepsis. Share the curriculum with you if you are interested.


    I couldn’t access the presentation because I don’t have password/membership. Is this a King County access only?

    Thanks all, Greg