None of It is Personal

All that stuff that drunk aggressive patient says.

Or the stressed out soccer mom, or the angry husband, or the grumpy old scared guy.

It can’t be personal. For it to be personal, they would have to know you. Not just know you, but know you personally. Unless they know you personally, know your thoughts, know your motives know your dreams, goal, desires, strengths, weaknesses and all that other stuff that comes along with being you, they don’t know you personally.

So why are you taking it so personally?

When those people talk to you, they aren’t really talking about you. They’re talking about themselves.

What they say speaks too who they are.

How you respond speaks to who you are.

How you respond is personal.

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  2. Sean Fontaine says:

    Amen. We see a snapshot of their lives and that’s it, they see us during one of their less than optimum times in their life. It’s like taking it personally when you’re first newborn won’t go to sleep (which I did for a while). Once you realize it’s not personal you stop taking years of your life and saying things you don’t mean for no good reason.