The October EMS Roundup

You kind of took it for granted around the Yankees that there was always going to be baseball in October.

– Whitey Ford

And baseball there is. While the Yankees might be put of the picture, the San Fransisco Giants are warming up their bats for a game five effort to end the series against The Texas Rangers. Good luck boys. Meanwhile, here at The Spot, we kicked off the month with an exploration of authenticity and incongruity. I had a few words for people who feel that their patients just never listen to them. I explained the protocol / skill connection and then I talked about how it can lead to a protocol / skill breakthrough. I started a two part series on kinetic energy and trauma and I left you with a hint about what we’d be kicking off with in November.

But enough about us. Elsewhere in the EMS blogging world, Scott Kier had a bit to say about South Fulton Fire letting houses burn down. The Happy Medic called one poor guys bluff. Greg Friese created an EMS Halloween trivia game. Medic Three told a dispatch story (We all have one). Mark Glencourse reminded us that hearing really is the last thing to go. Rogue Medic talked about podcasting and the 2010 AHA guidelines. EpiJunky had us all passionate for pink. Chris kaiser thinks it’s time for primary care paramedics and Jeramedic explored what he calls, “the community of paramedicine” in a two part series. Finally, after many long months, Buckman reemerged from the blogsphere ashes and told us about the strange odyssey of his 2 month exit interview. Welcome back, my sinister alter-ego.

And now…the news. Two NYC EMT’s wrested a psychiatric patient down when he tried to take a gun from a police officer in the middle of an emergency room. A Utah mom gave thanks to the EMS folks who saved her and her baby. A New Jersey EMS Supervisor failed a sobriety test at the scene of a house fire and a Virginia firefighter was charged with injecting himself with his patient’s Fentanyl. A Minnesota ambulance service was cited for having bad tires on the ambulance that was involved in a fatal crash last May. Two Detroit EMS workers are being disciplined for appearing on Fox news to talk about their service’s slow response times and lack of manpower. Finally, a story that we just seem to tell over and over again. An 89 year old Maryland woman was transported to the hospital three hours after police officers declared her dead in her home. She was discharged several days later.

This month in EMS podcasting, two podcasts are making first time appearances here on the roundup. Kyle David Bates talked with a panel of EMS folks about triage on The First Few Moments. The EMS Newbie kicked off a brand new podcast with an interview with Dr. Bryan Bledsoe. The EMS Leadership Podcast tackled mentoring new leaders. The EMS Educast pondered near miss reporting. The Medicast dissected the new AHA 2010 guidelines and The EMS Garage addressed the tricky topic of rescuer fatigue. Can you believe there’s even one more new EMS podcast ready to launch in September? I don’t want to jump the gun, but here’s an inside tip. Go to twitter and follow @emsresearchcast for the inside scoop on when that one’s going to be ready to launch.

Until then, we’ll see you right back here in November for the continuation of our kinetic energy discussion, a look at sepsis, a review of the Magnum Elite boot and an answer to the question, “What do we need most?” Drive safe everyone.

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  1. Ummm September? I thought we were in November followed by December LOL

    Thanks for the roundup I cant believe all that has happened this month.

  2. administrator says:

    Thanks Jude. Just making sure you were reading all the way to the bottom.