The September EMS Roundup



The breezes taste of apple peel. The air is full of smells to feel – Ripe fruit, old footballs, burning brush, new books, erasers, chalk and stuff.

Like Plates washed clean with suds, the days are polished with a morning haze.

- John Updike, September



I haven’t yet tasted apple peel on the breeze across the Colorado front range, but fall has definitely come to The EMT Spot. The October chill has arrived and my Bi-annual tropical vacation is calling once again. September was consumed with silent remembrances of 9/11 and furious preparations for EMS Expo. With that grand event behind us, I look forward to cultivating the new partnerships created under the Dallas sun and posting some great content. Now, we’ll continue our tradition of beginning by looking back at the month that was.

We started off with a discussion about moving past medical mistakes and a guest post by Sally Davidson about coping with victims emotions. It’s always nice to get an outside perspective; thanks Sally. Then I stirred a bit of controversy by asking if you’d saved any lives today before asking you to meet me at EMS Expo. To finish it all off I told you the ten things I was most looking forward to at the event.

Elsewhere is the land of milk and blogging, Russell Stine talked about EMS Expo. Leanne at Just My Blog talked about EMS Expo. Scott Kier talked about EMS Expo. Greg Friese talked about EMS Expo. The Happy Medic talked about EMS Expo. Carissa O’Brien talked about EMS Expo. OK, you get the point.

Several brave EMS bloggers agreed to stay behind and hold down the fort. Chris Kaiser of Life Under the Lights started the controversy of the month with his commentary on a story about a local fire service that refused to help a private ambulance company.  EpiJunki over at Pink, Warm and Dry earned the “Grab your tissue box.” award for her post 89 years and two days. I also met her at the conference and completely forgot to thank her for that amazing contribution. Sorry Epi. Thank you. Rogue Medic took another shot at Lasix and drug shortages. Mark Glencorse put it all on the line (Doesn’t he always?) with his story about a mistake to end a career. Michael Morse gave some thought to roadside memorials in his post Aftereffect and in another kind of memorial, medicThree took a moment on September 11th to simply tell his grandfather, “We miss you.”

The podcasters were ON this month. The Garage boys had two excellent offerings with BYOT (Bring your own topic.) and Sarcasm Weekly. Nice stuff Chris. Then Greg Friese posted the “If you only listen to one podcast this month..” topic when he interviewed a paramedic with a shocking story about excited delirium. Jamie Davis wrapped it all up with everything we need to know about antihypertensive medications.

In other EMS news, a large flag memorializing the 9/11 attacks was unfurled in Tenn. on its first stop of a nationwide tour. The UK medic who refused to resuscitate a dying man was banned from EMS service. Pittsburgh, Pa. suspended an emergency dispatcher for sharing pornography online. James Baily, of Avondale W.Va. died at the scene after crashing his ambulance during a routine patient transfer. An Indiana woman was successfully resuscitated after responders pulled her from her overturned and submerged vehicle. And finally, the amen, hallelujah story of the month. After who-knows-how-many tries, the house of representatives finally…finally passed the 9/11 health care bill. Thank you.

And that was the month that was. See you back here next month. Until then, go make some news. (The good kind please.)

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