The August EMS Roundup

It’s midnight in San Fransisco and I am waiting here for Jesus on my knees.

In August and everything after, I want someone else to bleed for me.

– Counting Crows, August and Everything After

A busy month indeed at The EMT Spot. This month I experimented with quality over quantity and I hope you found enough good stuff to stimulate your noggin. We started with another installment of the ultimate guide to EMT vital signs. This month we looked at respiration. Then I took another run at the controversial phrase, “Patient’s define their emergencies.” After that we talked about doctors watching EMS care on cameras and we wrapped it all up with the question, “Is there such a thing as too much information?

But enough about me, some other great happenings around the EMS blogsphere were also well worth your attention. We’ll start with the much heralded return of blogging great Mark Glencorse and his Medic999 blog. Welcome back Mark. The often overlooked but always fantastic EMS Haiku blog offered nasty burrito. Basics doc explained that getting there is only the beginning in dreams, rain and driving. Kelly Grayson asked for a little help spreading the word about a business that’s practicing some good ol’ southern style bigotry. Greg Friese told us about five things he personally checks at the beginning of each shift. Jeramedic asked, “What’s the blood pressure?” Chris Kaser explained an epiphany that allowed him to shine through the suffering. Tim Noonan discussed Lasix and Nitro. MsParamedic shared why she still believes in the tooth fairy and Justin Schorr stirred up a bit of controversy (OK maybe it wasn’t that controversial until I took issue with it.) with the request, “May I have the definition please?

In EMS news, earlier this morning, the associated press sadly announced the deaths of an EMS helicopter flight crew. A Pennsylvania paramedic who obstructed a police officer trying to deploy a TASER will stand trial for interfering with police.  So you think you had a busy weekend? On the leading edge of hurricane Earl, Maryland lifeguards rescued over 400 people over the weekend and one swimmer is presumed drowned. One Connecticut ambulance crew chased down the man who stole their ambulance from the hospital bay and recovered their vehicle from him. A distraught New York City mother claimed an NYPD officer told her, “I don’t do CPR.” while her daughter died in the back seat of her car and the House of Representatives failed to pass a medical aid bill for sick 9/11 responders. (Shame on you guys.)

On the podcasting front, the boys from The EMS Garage talked about the overuse of oxygen. The EMS Educast shared the details on a very progressive EMS training program for youths. The Medicast dscussed the sometimes all to complex world of psychiatric and behavioral evaluations and The GenMed show hinted at a fun new series of podcasts that are currently in production. Can you guess where they’re going?

So that was August. Good lord, where did the summer go? And who ordered this fall weather? I’m not ready. See you back here in September, and I hope you’ll come say hi at the EMS Expo in Dallas. See you there.


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