Passion Counts

If you’re going to design a ski resort I imagine that you don’t need to really like skiing, but I bet it helps. I imagine the same is true for most jobs. I would guess that a movie buff would run a better movie theater, a salesman would perform better if he was a true believer in his product, a car detailer would be more successful is she loved cars and a fitness trainer would be far better is he had a burning desire to improve people’s health.

For jobs that require skill, insight and good judgment (Like our job does.) passion counts. Passion is important.

For jobs that require artistic expression (Like our job does.) passion is essential. No artist ever became great without passion. Without it you may master the skill set, but you’ll never be great.

You may get the idea that you can be great in EMS without a love for the medicine. You’re wrong. You can love the bright lights and the sirens wail; you can love the authority, the status and the uniform; you can even love the people who do the job, but if you don’t love the medicine, you’ll never be great.

Adequate perhaps, but not great.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think?

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  1. I completely agree. There’s a small part of me that wants to yell at people that become paramedics just to help them get the fire job. If that’s your motivation, do me, the public, and every other medic out that there really cares a favor and don’t waste your time!

  2. medic 322 says:

    I started my EMS journey late in life. Well maybe not late. More like Middle. I am right in the middle of Emt-I school. I am loving it. My instructor is demanding. Lots of homework. After 22 years of teaching, she still has passion for it. A great role model. But, I have seen many in my service and in the ER. That the passion has gone. That is what I like about sites such as this one. You can get out of your box. If you listen to the same crud everyday. You can get bogged down. I feel like I am a little nuts. But, I am giving serious thought to going to Paramedic in the fall of 2011. Taking AandP this fall. I am going to get a degree yet. Another thing. I can’t quite figure out why EMS and nurse’s really don’t get along well. At least in my area. Thanks and regards.

  3. Hey Steve!

    You say what I think… about Passion, about empathy, about following rules, about thinking outside the box, about assessing our patients. We don’t have fire EMTs/paramedics here in the UK. To me who *your* employer is doesn’t matter. YOU, are a Paramedic. You say what I think about being a Paramedic.

    Keep thinking, keep writing, keep being a Paramedic.



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