The E-Book is Coming!

OK, I can’t keep this to myself any longer. It’s time for the big announcement. With the final draft still in the mail from my editorial team and the final design still lacking a few details, it would probably be best to just keep this under wraps for a few more weeks, but I can’t wait.

My first E-book is scheduled for release on January 21st, one week from today. The e-book will be free and it will be available right here at The Spot.

The Book is called The Non-Conformists Guide to EMS Success. This book is the culmination of two decades of EMS experiences, mistakes, failures, trials, and errors that lead to my ultimate success. My goal was to write something that would be useful to EMTs at any stage in their career. And I didn’t hold anything back. This is my road map to finding true success and fulfilment in EMS work.

I started at the beginning and kept typing until every ounce of useful information was on the screen. Over 15,000 words and 50 pages later I closed the largest writing project I’d ever undertaken. And now you can have it for free.

The book release will also coincide with the launch of Splatter, a brand new bimonthly newsletter for regular readers of The EMT Spot. Splatter will be the behind-the-scenes, insiders guide to The Spot. You’ll get the e-book and the newsletter all in one go. And it’s all going to happen right here. So mark your calendars. I’ll see you back here in a week for the ribbon cutting and the cake.


  1. Sean Fontaine says:

    I feel blessed that you’re releasing it on my birthday, its a gift I didn’t even expect, I really don’t know what to say. You better watch out though the vest posse is closing in on your location, I hope you see them coming bright yellow vests and all. Congratulations on the E-book.

  2. @Sean The vest posse? I give up!. (The vest was left in the bunker gear room with a chocolate peace offering on top of it.) You’d better get to it fast. Thanks for your help making me more visible … in many ways. 😉

  3. Going by what I have read on the EMTspot, Im sure its going to be a great read.
    I will be downloading it and leaving copies on station!

  4. I hope the cake is chocolate.

    Just sayin’.

  5. Awesome! I’m so excited about this. I’ve only been reading the EMT Spot for a short period of time but your posts have been very helpful so far.

    I may just follow Mark here, but instead of passing it out around the station, I’ll suggest that my EMT class reads it.


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